What exactly is SeamTrak?

SeamTrak is the only training software that is designed specifically to help players with pitch recognition. Inside the member's area you will have access to a competition-based training tool that trains players pitch recognition and baseball-specific vision.

Is SeamTrak an iPad app?

No, SeamTrak is not an iPad app. It is a web application that can be used on any device with an internet connection. Simply log in (like you would an email account) and then you will have access to the members area. This means you can use it on your laptop, iPad, iPhone, etc.

How often should I train with SeamTrak?

Like any practice or training, the more often the better. While some players will use SeamTrak 7 days/week, others may find that 3-5 thirty minute sessions/week works best for their training schedule.

How do I cancel my SeamTrak membership?

If you ever decide that you want to end your subscription you can easily cancel at any time. All you need to do is login click on "My Account" and then "Billing".

What is inside the SeamTrak members area?

When you log into your account there are two areas: a Training Area, and a Video Library. The Training Area is where you will develop your pitch recognition and increase your reaction times. The Video Library will teach you the differences in different pitches and prepare you for the Training Area.

Are team discounts available?

Yes. There are 3 different membership plans: Individual, Family, and Team. An Individual plan gives one player access to SeamTrak. A Family plan gives up to 5 players access to SeamTrak. A Team plan gives up to 10 players access to SeamTrak. If you need SeamTrak for more than 10 players please contact us.

What age player is SeamTrak designed for?

SeamTrak is designed for all levels of baseball players from youth players all the way up to professional baseball players. The training gets more difficult as it goes, so it's never going to be too hard, or too easy and it will always be beneficial.

Who developed SeamTrak?

SeamTrak was developed by Xan Barksdale, a current NCAA college baseball coach and former professional baseball player.

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